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10 Reasons You Should Consider Adopting A Mature Rescue

1. You would get the same thing if you were buying a dog - maybe even better!  The bond that you would have with a rescue dog is strong.  A dog that has not had the greatest start in life or just has been "thrown away" because its owners could not take care of it, is more likely to bond with their new family.  Once the dog is in its new home it wants to please as much as possible so they are never again "thrown away." Most rescue dogs make very loving and loyal companions.

2. A best friend.  With an adult dog (2 years and over) you have an instant best friend.  You don’t have to wait for your puppy to grow up to see if it enjoys doing the same activities that you do. When you come home from work you’ll want to relax with your dog rather than cleaning up after it.

3. Getting a puppy is just like having a baby – not getting a good night sleep.  Adult dogs are not as demanding as puppies.  They do not need to be taken out at exactly 5:30 A.M. every morning or are up and want to play at 3:00 A.M.  Want time to rest and some peace and quiet get an adult rescue dog.

4. A house broken dog.  In a shelter or rescue organization dogs are all taught to be house trained.  Getting a puppy form a pet store means training, training, and more training.  A puppy needs to be on a consistent schedule – because puppies will go when they want to go.

5. Do you think you will have time to take your puppy out every hour to be house trained, feed him, and clean up his messes?  An average working person gets home from work late and does not have the time or is too tired to do all those things before the day is over. Having an adult dog means you will be able to have more time for yourself not taking the dog out.

6. Less bills to pay.  A puppy needs to be taken to a vet for a series of shots, facials, to be altered and one or two emergency trips if they swallowed something dangerous.  Multiply each visit by $40.00 or more plus shots and medications. That can add up to more than $100.00 a month.  When adopting a rescue dog they should be up to date on all shots, altered, heart worm negative, and on prevention.

7. In tact clothes and furniture.  A puppy constantly needs to chew on things, if it’s a table leg, socks, or shoes, the puppy does not care as long as it can chew.  No matter how much you’ll keep an eye on them they’ll always get into something.  A puppy needs to be on surveillance 24-7 unlike older dogs who can run around the house without destroying it.

8. Getting an older dog means you know what you’re getting.  A puppy is unpredictable on how big it will get, what will its temperament be, and if it will be good with children.  When adopting you get a dog best suited to your needs and not a puppy you don’t know how will turn out.

9. When buying a puppy people go by a color or look.  It is not a very good basis to go on.  Puppies often change in behavior and look. You might get a couch puppy when you love the outdoors, or vice versa.  When adopting you know specifically what your getting and how that dog behaves.

10. Knowing you saved a life might be the most rewarding of all.  Not only are you thankful you have a companion, your companion is grateful he is still living.  Puppies in pet stores are guaranteed to be bought, just because there’re cute, but not every dog is rescued.  I know you can't save every dog but one life DOES make a difference.

        Many people think dogs that are rescued have behavior problems or are genetically inferior.  That is NOT true.  Many dogs are very sweet and just want a home.  You can spend $500 - $1000+ on a dog and get a bad dog.  It all depends on the dog.  Some people do not realize the time, effort, love, and money that has to be contributed in raising a dog, and just forget about them so they give them to shelters.  But adopting just might be the best decision you ever made.




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