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Here are a few books and magazines you might want to buy for refrences or just to have.   These are always helpful in all situations and every question you might have.


Magazines: Pets which includes Dog Fancy, Dog World, AKC Field, AKC Gazette, Dog and Kennel, and more!


bookCover.gif (13019 bytes) Title:  The American Animal Hospital Association Encyclopedia of Dog Health and Care
Author:  American Animal Hospital Association, With Sally Bordwell,Alan Dubowy
Publisher:  Morrow,William & Co
Date Published:  July 1996
ISBN:  0688147712
Price: $11.20

Whether you're bringing a puppy home for the first time or caring for an ailing dog, The American Animal Hospital Association Encyclopedia of Dog Health and Care is the perfect guide for every dog owner. Three separate sections cover a guide to dog breeds and temperaments, a book of dog care and a health encyclopedia. 32 color photos. 98 line drawings.

books.1.jpg (4531 bytes) Title:  101 Essential Tips: Dog Care
Author:  Bruce Fogle, Deni Bown
Publisher:  D K Publishing, Incorporated
Date Published:  March 1995
ISBN:  1564589897
Price: $3.96


bulletKnow-how in a nutshell
bullet101 easy-to-grasp tips
bulletThe step-by-step series that brings expert advice at an affordable price
bulletGives quick answers to all questions
bulletEach point can be absorbed in an instant

books.2.jpg (5186 bytes) Title:  Help!; The Quick Guide to First Aid for Your Dog
Author:  Michelle Bamberger,Jan Walker (Illustrator)
Publisher:  Howell Books
Date Published:  May 1993
ISBN:  0876055579
Price: $7.96

 Written by a veterinarian, this comprehensive handbook offers descriptions of every canine lifesaving technique and first-aid methods: CPR, snake-bite treatment, stopping bleeding or choking, remedy shock, and more. An indispensable reference for every dog owner. Illustrated.

books.3.jpg (3680 bytes) Title:  Dogs: The Ultimate Care Guide
Author:  Matthew Hoffman (Editor),Lowell J. Ackerman (Editor)
Publisher:  Rodale press
Date Published:  May 1998
ISBN:  0875965326

Everything a dog owner needs to know about raising a healthy, well-adjusted dog can be found in this comprehensive reference book. 850 color photos & illustrations.

books.4.jpg (4880 bytes) Title:  First Aid for Dogs; What to Do when Emergencies Happen
Author:  Bruce Fogle, Amanda Williams (Illustrator)
Publisher:  Viking Penguin
Date Published:  January 1997
ISBN:  0140255419
Price: $7.96

What would you do if your dog were hit by a car? Would you know how to make a splint? In the event of shock, would you be able to give artificial respiration? In First Aid for Dogs, veterinarian Bruce Fogle helps dog owners recognize and handle emergencies. All information is accessible and easy to find, including the basics of first aid, from cleansing wounds to CPR; what to do in emergency situations such as heart failure, puncture wounds, drowning, and seizures; how to decide if and when a pet needs veterinary attention; how to reduce the risk of emergencies through exercise, nutrition, vaccination, and parasite control.

bookCover2.gif (11246 bytes) Title:  Eyewitness Handbooks: Dogs
Author:  David Alderton,Tracy Morgan (Photographer)
Publisher:  D K Publishing, Incorporated
Date Published:  March 1993
ISBN:  1564581764
Price: $18.95

A new generation of field guides, the Eyewitness Handbooks make identification of individual species sure, simple, and straightforward. Each volume includes superb photographs combined with concise, informative descriptions of hundreds of specimens. The Eyewitness Handbook of Dogs is packed with more than 1,000 vivid full-color photographs. It is an invaluable resource for every enthusiast.

books.5.jpg (3624 bytes) Title:  Legacy of the Dog; The Ultimate Illustrated Guide to over 200 Breeds
Author:  Tetsu Yamazaki, Toyoharu Kojima
Publisher:  Chronicle Books
Date Published:  August 1995
ISBN:  0811810690
Price: $19.96

Legacy of the Dog is the finest photographic guide to dogs ever assembled. Over 200 dog breeds are dramatically presented in more than 900 images by Tetsu Yamazaki, whose superb work also appeared in the best-selling volume Legacy of the Cat. Page after page of stunning portraits offers a glimpse of prize-winning dogs of all shapes, sizes, and colors - from the beloved golden retriever to the spirited Scottish terrier and the classic weimaraner. All 134 breeds currently recognized by the American Kennel Club are included, as well as a variety of breeds rarely seen outside their homelands. With its uncanny eye for canine excellence, here is a unique compendium of the world's dogs, in all their majesty and charm. This thoroughly engaging and informative book begins with a history of the dog and a discussion of the various dog groups - herding, working, sporting, hound, terrier, toy, and non-sporting breeds - followed by extensive studies of their various features, including eyes, ears, tail, fur color, and head. Later chapters focus on each dog group and include photographic profiles devoted to each breed, with information on its background, physical characteristics, personality traits, and care. A glossary and an index complete this indispensable volume.

books.6.jpg (5535 bytes) Title:  A-Z of Dog Diseases and Health Problems
Author:  Dick Lane, Neil Ewart
Publisher:  Howell Books
Date Published:  December 1996
ISBN:  0876050429
Price: $17.47

A reference for all dog owners, showing how to recognize signs of illness, identify the problem, and take appropriate action. Section I looks at health and husbandry, with extensive coverage of breeding. Section II describes signs of ill health and possible causes, and is cross-referenced to a third section on treatment of diseases and health problems. Includes color photos.

books.7.jpg (4843 bytes) Title: Keep Your Dog Healthy the Natural Way
Author: Pat Lazarus
Publisher: Fawcett Book Group
Date Published: July 1999
ISBN: 0449005143

The best treat you can give your dog is a long and happy life. Keep Your Dog Healthy the Natural Way tells you how to do it. Millions of people who use holistic healing techniques on themselves are now discovering they can apply these same powerful practices to their canine companions for a longer, healthier life. Drawing on the clinical experiences of dozens of holistic veterinarians around the country, medical writer Pat Lazarus gives you all the information you need to protect your pet's health and insure his survival to a lively old age. Inside you''ll find:
bulletThe inexpensive natural diet that every dog needs to maintain a strong immune system
bulletThe startling facts about conventional vaccinations--and the safer alternatives
bulletTailor-made diets for pregnant dogs, nursing mothers, and active puppies
bulletThe healing benefits of acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic, and food supplements for old and "terminally" ill dogs
bulletNew hope for infectious diseases, cancer, heart trouble and hypertension, arthritis, and problems of the eye, skin, and hair
bulletThe revealing truth about the ingredients in most commercial dog food

And much more!

With the easy, natural care detailed in this book--including an essential directory of holistic veterinarians nationwide--your dog can enjoy the good health he deserves, from puppyhood to ripe old age.

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