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So you think your site has what it takes to win Rusty and Boomers award? If yes, then please read on... 
I decided to make this award for the fun of it and to show that our animal friends are appreciated! I think that there are many people out there who feel about their animals the way that I do, and this is for them.  There are no restrictions on the type of animal whom can receive this award. It is for any loving friend, large or small, that holds a special place in your heart!

There aren't many hard and fast rules of application for this award:

bulletYour site must be child and animal friendly (no animal abuse) and have no offensive material.
bulletMust be pet orientated and not only based upon links or webrings.
bulletMust be easily navigated, we don't like getting lost
bulletNo under construction signs or pages that do not load quickly, a good site is always under construction, also all links must work
bulletPlease Sign Our Guestbook. A great way to win points and so I know that you actually spent some time looking at our pages and not just applying for the award.
bulletIf you win the award, you must make the award a link back to this site at It would be nice if people knew where you got it from just in case!

To submit your page as a candidate for Rusty And Boomer's Award, complete this form and submit it. We will take a look at your page, and if it qualifies, we will email you.  If you do not receive and email back within 2 weeks you did not receive the award.

To apply for Rusty and Boomer's Award please complete the following:

Your Name:     

Email address:

Name of Your Site:

Site URL:

Have you signed My guestbook?
Yes   No

Type of Pet:






Please rate The National Dog Rescue Connection

Tell me about your site:

Thank you for applying for this award and Good Luck!

 If you have problems with the form and cannot send it you may send an email with all the information you would have supplied in the form. We will visit your site as soon as possible.

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