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Warm Weather Suggestions

**Too much sun can dehydrate dogs and/or make them ill**


Do not force your dog to go into the water. Salt water can irritate their paws and infect their ears. The dog might also get very hot so spray them with regular water before returning home.

Car Rides

Do not let your dog stick its head outside the window because dust particles may irritate its eyes and they may try to jump out of the window.

Fleas and Ticks

Dogs can pick up a lot of ticks while outdoors. A vet can recommend various sprays, oils, powers, or bath preparations.


Jogging in the heat may damage a dogs paws. If you have an elderly dog extensive jogs may be injurious or even fatal. So try taking jogs early in the morning or late at night so the pavement is not as hot.

Leaving Dogs in Cars

Leaving a dog in the car may be life threatening, even if the window is open or the car is in the shade.


Make sure your dog has all his vaccination shots because warm weather brings out animals with disease like rabies and distemper.


Make sure your dogs water bowl is ALWAYS full with water. Without water your dog might receive heat exhaustion.


Cold Weather Suggestions
Dog Sweaters

If your dog shivers during walks he may need a sweater. You can buy doggie sweaters at pet stores or out of catalogs.

Leaving Dogs in Cars

Leaving your dog in the car during winter is also hazardous; the dog might freeze to death or get hypothermia.

Winter Holidays

Dogs should never be given real bones to chew on. These bones can perforate the dog's stomach and/or the intestines.

Feel free to give your dog a treat but not too much because it may upset their stomach and cause diarrhea.