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Breed: Puli
Country of Origin: hungary
AKC Group: Herding
Function: Sheep dog
Life Span: 12 or more years
Appearance: Large
Color: Black, any shade of gray, apricot (with or without a black mask) and the rarer white
Coat Type: Corded
Grooming: The corded coat begins to form around the age of 6 months when the soft woolly undercoat intermingles with the harsher outer-coat. The mats thus formed should be separated by hand very regularly at this stage. The clumps should be torn apart by hand from the tip to the skin. Each coat is individual but as a rough guide, these sections should not be made thinner than the width of a pencil. Keeping a fully corded Puli is very easy since they take little care apart from regular coat separation and, of course, bathing. Bathing is as easy, but drying does take some time. With a dryer a fully corded Puli coat will take several hours and without a drier can take around 2 days to be fully dry. Eyes and ears should be cleaned regularly; nails kept clipped. The breed does not shed its coat.
Height: 14 to 17 inches
Weight: 20-35 pounds
Activity Level: Medium-high
Watch Dog: Yes
Protection: No
Intelligence: High
Trainability: High
Good With Children: Yes
Good With Pets: Yes
Good With Strangers: May bark
Character: Loyal
Home Environment: Fenced yard
Best Owner: Cheerful
Potential Problems:  
Physical: You should test for hip dysplasia and an eye test, even though there are no major health problems.