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Old English Sheepdog



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old english Sheepdog.jpg (8093 bytes) The Old English Sheepdog is a gentle, loving and lovable teddy bear.  Even-tempered and adaptable. They are friendly, intelligent, faithful and protective.
Breed: Old English Sheepdog
Country of Origin: England
AKC Group: Herding
Function: Herding
Life Span: 10-12 years
Appearance: Large
Color: blue, gray, blue gray or blue merle, often with white markings
Coat Type: Coarse
Grooming: The coarse, longhaired coat needs constant care to keep it in top condition. Unless it is combed and brushed right through to the dense, waterproof undercoat at least three times per week, it will become matted and the dog may develop skin problems to be plagued by parasites. Clip out any tangles carefully so as not to nick the skin. A grooming table will make the whole job easier. If the dog is not being shown, the coat can be professionally machine-clipped every two months or so, about one inch all the way around. In former times these dogs were shorn along with sheep. Trim around the eyes and rear-end with blunt-nosed scissors. This breed is a seasonally heavy shedder - usually in the spring (April –May).
Height: 20-24 inches
Weight: From 60 pounds
Activity Level: High
Watch Dog: Yes
Protection: Yes
Intelligence: High
Trainability: High
Good With Children: Yes
Good With Pets: Yes
Good With Strangers: Yes
Character: Friendly
Home Environment: Fenced yard
Best Owner: Firm
Potential Problems:  
Behavior: May try to "heard" the family
Physical: Hip dysplasia and cataracts