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Japanese Chin



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Japnchin.jpg (8236 bytes) The Japanese Spaniel is a charming, lively, and happy animal. Pleasant, loving and intelligent. Affectionate and extremely devoted to its master.   This breed loves everyone.
Breed: Japanese Chin
Country of Origin: Japan and China
AKC Group: Toy
Function: Companion
Life Span: 12-14 years
Appearance: Small
Color: Black or red with white
Coat Type: Long, silky, shedding
Grooming: Daily brushing
Height: 8-9 inches
Weight: 6-8 pounds
Activity Level: Low
Watch Dog: No
Protection: No
Intelligence: Medium
Trainability: Can be difficult
Good With Children: O.K.
Good With Pets: Yes
Good With Strangers: Timid
Character: Playful, easygoing, happy
Home Environment: Apartment is O.K. but walk daily
Best Owner: Easygoing, patient
Potential Problems:  
Behavior: Nippy, pushy, insecure
Physical: Eye and respiratory problems, sneezing, snoring