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Clumber Spaniel



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Breed: Clumber Spaniel
Country of Origin: France
AKC Group: Sporting
Function: hunt pheasant and partridge, both in small packs and alone and is especially well-suited for work in dense undergrowth.
Life Span: 10-12 years
Appearance: Massive
Color: Pure white with lemon or orange markings
Coat Type: Feathered
Grooming: Must be groomed regularly with a brush and comb. Some skilled trimming of the coat is required. The ears and eyes need to be cleaned and inspected regularly. Some of these dogs develop an irritation of the ear but there are special lotions which can provide relief for this. If there is too much hair under the ears, clip it before the next overall trim. This breed is a heavy shedder.
Height: 16-20 inches
Weight: 55-85 pounds
Activity Level: Medium
Watch Dog: No
Protection: No
Intelligence: High
Trainability: High
Good With Children: Yes
Good With Pets: Ok
Good With Strangers: No
Character: Merry
Home Environment: Apartment ok if exercised
Best Owner: Gentle
Potential Problems:  
Behavior: Mean to strangers
Physical: Some are prone to panosteitis (or juvenile lameness), and hip dysplasia. Also cataracts, dry eyes, and entropion. They tend to drool, wheeze and snore. They are known for swallowing foreign objects so take care. Tends to gain weight easily, do not over feed. Clumbers may be prone to flea and skin allergies. They may need to be fed a lamb & rice diet.